WE thank you SA, In the two months or how ever long I have been apart of SA I have learned so much. Dubsided records sent me an email today about signing my lazer track. You may have heard it when we posted it not to long ago. Two days ago we sent it to alot of record labels to see if we could get signed. We’re not making any decision yet. We’re hoping to get some more offers. Any ways keep making music, we never thought we would get signed. Switch is the owner of the label. He’s one half of major lazer and one of the producers behind MIA.

Awesome. Great news!

Thank you, It was the best news we’ve received in a while. we’ve only been making music again since this summer, so, it just goes to prove that it doesn’t take years to make it, well get signed.

I’m hoping this opens up a way for me to get to london or over seas

Congratulations! You (plural) must be really happy, and I sincerely share this happiness with you!

Best of luck and never stop embracing the music.


congrats man … Switch (and Diplo) is awesome…

Brilliant news - well done! :cool:


I suppose that you have worked so much to obtain this. Congratulation!!

We’ve been working about eight hours a day every day this summer. Alot of days nothing would happen and then by accident or luck we would hit a bass line that sounded decent and go from there. We’re now going to start working all 16 hours of the day.

The main thing that helped us were learning how to make sounds. Once we found sounds that we liked, it seemed like the songs were easy to create. We’re still stoked , we do not even play gigs, so we’ve still got alot to learn when it comes to mixing, but we’ll be fine. I’m sure we’ll suck for a couple of months, but oh well. Thanks for the congrats to.

congrats mate thats ace

Good work, congrats