Thanks Phil! :)

Im so happy you decided to do a dutch house tutorial (nicky romero, hardwell, swanky tunes etc) Really lookin’ forward to this one :slight_smile:

any ideas on when it will be up and running? :slight_smile:

im working on the track now… got the basics sorted… Its a pretty important tutorial and i want to get it right and make it really comprehensive so im not going to rush it.

Awesome, I’m sure people won’t mind waiting longer for a better quality tutorial. Atleast I know I wouldnt.

Thats good Phil :slight_smile: . take your time :smiley:

I think people would deffo want a great tutorial rather than a fast one. I was just looking at the new vids added for the main room house one in logic. It’s not to my taste but at 8hrs it should make allot of people happy. I know you said you had someone working on a deep house one, I’m praying it’s anywhere near as in depth as the main room one.

With the how to DJ in Ableton tut on the way as well, things are definitely looking up for SA members!

So stoked for this!