Thanks S A - My First Release CO2 - Oxygene has been licensed by Carl Cox

Want to say thanks to sonic acadmey for there help, this site has been so helpful with my production and I have been rewarded.

Last monday my CO2 - Oxygene track came out on Loopfreak Black records exclusive to purchase on Beatport and then on Friday of last week midtown Records in Holland licensed it for the new Carl Cox Compilation coming out in august.

So check the track on beatport and grab yourselves a copy and dont forget to check all good high street music stores next month and grab a copy of

Carl Cox - Dance Valley 2008 Compilation Feat. ME as CO2

get in, drink session alround…

Well done mate!! ill grab myself a copy off beatport!

wow! well done steve - that’s great news!

keep it up!

Hey steve that is really cool i hope its the first of many .

But hardly surprising judging by some of your tracks it was only a matter of time  dude !                                                                                                Have downloaded- and track is slick … nice 1 :cool:


very good that

nice 1 m8 keep it up