That baseline. please help!

hi everyone. for the past two years or so, i try to make this bass line, - YouTube

and i fail,i just don t know what it is and how to make it, i try trilogy and all sorts of plugs with no luck,it sounds not the same. if some one here knows how to make this bass, i would be so happy if you could share with me please!!! this is essential for my production because i make funky house and without funky bass its not a funky house. tutorial on this site don t actually say how to make the sound, that funky house tutorial was the only reason i got subscription,but after i watched video i was disappointed.

so if anybody knows how to make it from scratch please help me!!!

Hey mate, sorry to hear your troubles with getting this bassline.

Are you looking to get the exact sound? Have you tried emailing the artists who made the track to find out what vst they have used?

I’m not very good at synthesis else i’d really love to help you out!


The bassline should be doable in trilogy.

Is it the sound you are looking for or the bassline itself?

I notice Phil used Nexus (ebass2) from a Nexus expansion xp house vol1

on motoblanco. If you look at the video at 6:00 you’ll see how he made the bassline itself.

I really don’t think you’ll need Nexus though, Trilogy is more than up for the job.

You didn’t mention what software you use but if you have Ableton Live maybe you could try loading the mix into live and then slow the whole track down on a repeated section of the bassline and slowly reconstruct it.

hi roben thanks for reply.i try to email the artist but like most of them they would not share with you. its the bassline only i need really.:slight_smile:

hi krome. thanks for reply. its the bassline im looking for, i use ableton live, and i have nexus as well, i have house expansion pack, i did followed video and did same thing hi did in the video like compression with ssl,and r bass, but it sounds not the same really. i know its something to do with modulation and pitch to get that bass from youtube video.


I made the mistake of listening to a few of Dima Bilans other mega cheesy tracks and have to say I think he’s using a session bass player anyway.

Talking of Dima he actually makes Peter Andre sound hardcore

and that’s saying something.:smiley:

If you really want and need that line I still think Trilogy is way forward but its going to take time because you are trying to master the art of emulating a real world instrument as opposed to a synthetic bassline.

Offset timing, velocity, pitch bends and variable note duration are your friends here. If you master it your tracks are going to sound quite professional too.

Good luck :smiley:

Yeah I second Trilogy, nothing comes close.

Hopefully Trilian should be released soon which will blow everything away.

i no way like dima bilan, ha ha,:slight_smile: this is just example, there are tons of similar tips of bass

ian carey use to use similar tipe basslines back in the day,i watched his tutorial but he did not explained really nothing.

i know there must be someone who can help me to get out of this nightmare of mine.:slight_smile:

thanks everyone

It sounds very standard bass guitarish too. I would even think it could be redone with Arturia’s Minimoog

[quote]kann (10/4/2009)[hr]i no way like dima bilan, ha ha,:)[/quote]

hehe you’ve restored my faith in mankind.

howie, yeah i agree the sound itself isn’t hard to replicate but there are articulations going on that complicate things a little.

its more of a groove thing than the sound.

i agree its all about the groove,but there is a little dirty secret that people will not tell you, i emailed ian carey,moto blanco, and stargroove, but no one would even bother to help,so im really happy that i joined this forum, people here are really trying to help.:slight_smile: