That drum sound

Hi Phil, I know you’ve covered something pretty similar in the new Swedish House Mafia, but these sounds are slightly different and i was hoping you could explain quickly here. But i’ve noticed this simliar pattern in a lot of new tracks lately, namely:

Dave Kurtis - Last Night In Miami

- YouTube

The Bad Bankers - We Fucked You Up (Danny Cannizzero Dub Mix)

The Bad Bankers - We Fucked You Up (Danny Cannizzaro Dub Mix) Video Edit - YouTube

Joey Negro - Must Be The Music (Nicola Fasano Dub)

Joey Negro - Must be the Music (Nicola Fasano Dub) - YouTube

The sound to be honest is getting a bit stale/over used in my opinion, but it’s the new ‘in thing’ and will be popular for a while i can imagine, how are they getting that kinda jumped up chunky drum sound? It’s almost like there is no bass in there but there is, it’s almost like it’s hidden within the drums.

lol you’d think every track was made by the same producer…

Actually dont worry bout it, worked it out lol :cool:

If anyone else wants to know, its basically similar to what Phil did in his drum pattern on swedish house mafia except to make the bass less noticable like it is in Phils drum pattern, I didn’t use a bass but a Sub bass, i let the sub hit in at same time as the kick on the beginning of each bar but let it ride through till the end of the bar.

It’s probs not at all like how the above did it but seems to be sounding about right here.

check out any Antoine Clamaran stuff for those samples

he released a few records of just drums a few years ago that still get sampled

Cheers for posting, I have an Antoine Clamaran track in my box actually but it’s really funky, not at all like that one. I prefer that one though!

Very very similar in sound pattern, if not exactly the same! If you hear though, Antoine does the sound with the bassline but with a normal 4 to the floor drum, where as the other guys are making the sound with the drum and the bassline seems to be added to the drum in a way so it still just sounds like drum but no bass at all, if that makes sense?

These two are exactly the same in pattern (except):

- YouTube (Effect done with Drum)

- YouTube (Effect done with Bassline)


Joey Negro - Must be the Music (Nicola Fasano Dub) - YouTube

I think Nicola Fasano does it in the way that I described above Phils post, but i cant work out how Dave Kurtis does it.

As much as i’ve gathered he’s using a bongo or something over the drum and it rolls, but i’ve been trying this but i cant get that groove right. Cos there is a mini gap in the rhythm.

Spent way to many hours on this now :frowning: