"That" Intro

Hi all, i would like to add a intro with a piano but i’ve never found the right sound. I play electro music and i would like to know how to make a good piano intro, like a progressive sound that then “flows” into the classic electro house synth…i tried to “play” with sylenth1 but i didn’t find a good sound, i tried b4…same. I use Ableton Live 8. Can Someone “teach” me something? please…thanks a lot!:wink:

well, for pianos, I would use a piano or a rompler that has a piano. one good one is made by eastwest. they make some bomb stuff. other than that, I would suggest looking for actual piano multisamples.

you could always use the Korg M1, the piano presets on the M1 have been used in many famous house tracks.

ook , thanks a lot i’ll try…hope i’ll get it.:hehe: