That special synth effect of avicii & calvin harris in Ableton Live

Hello everybody,

im looking for a way to cope that synth effect used in avicii and calvin harris tracks.

in aviciis levels you can hear the effect at 1:30

(Avicii - Levels Original Mix - YouTube)

and in calvin harris track at 1:18 (Calvin Harris feat. Example - 'We'll Be Coming Back' + Lyrics - YouTube).

its kind of hard to describe but it sounds like if someone would scratch the synth-sound a little bit.

anyone has any ideas?

thanks and cheers from germany


Hey mate look out for “tape stop effect”. On PC there’s a Plug in D Blue Glitch which does it easily. I don’t think there’s one available for Mac though.

There was a video on YouTube that I watched ages ago that showed how to do it in Ableton on Mac. More complicated than a plug in but doable. I think I just searched for tape stop effect Ableton and that found it.

Oh I do think that there’s a built in one in Logic. But, as you’re asking, perhaps you don’t use Logic.

Hope that helps.

If you muck around with the Frequency Shifter in Ableton and lower the frequency very quickly it has a similar effect. It essentially creates the tape stop effect.

Aside from that if you want something that does it specifically it would probably create a more similar sound in which case I would do as Jon has said and look for a tape stop plug. There should be some freeware ones available out there so just google.

sounds like a pitch dive?

IMG src=""PIt’s basically a automated pitch going down.nbsp; I don’t know if you can see it on the picture that i attached it.

Automate the pitch. :slight_smile: If you want to make an instrument out of it, make a dupe of your synth and put a retrig LFO on the pitch mod. All the notes you want with the effect go on the second synth.