The Art of The Remix

DVD from Steven Lee (one half of Lee Cabrera) on working and producing a remix.

Really want this, but think the cost is a bit of a piss take, especially when you look at what you get from S.A for £40 cheaper.


I’m down to split this with someone. We can even do a three way split if anyone is interested.

That sounds a lot more reasonable if it’s possible, although i’m broke right now after my ibiza holiday.

Just wanted to let anyone that might care know that I got this this weekend. I will say that is worth every penny. It is quite a bit more in depth then SA is on their tutorials though, although it covers only one track. I am only half way through the tutorial videos out of a total 41 videos. It covers a bit of music theory, and some of the tricks of the pros. Each video is anywhere from 4 minutes to 15 minutes, with the majority at about 11 minutes. What I really like is that they tutor explains why he does what he does and what your common options are in specific situations. Its just really good stuff. I recommend everyone to get it.

This is not a dog on SA. What they do here is amazing, but this helps to fill in the gaps of the issues that I was having in my current production.

Spooky, I just approached these guys to do a review of it for my blog (Link below).

So once I get that done I’ll certainly feedback here!

hey howie,

just a quick question… what kind of genre, trance?

it sounds like mainstream progressive house

clubby/proggy house. Typical club remix, similar to what a Justin Timberlake remix would sound like.

Very informative DVD with loads of videos. Covers everything you need to know and more when doing a remix.

Up for sale on eBay here