The Big Bang

Can anyone explain to me - seriously - what created the singularity that existed before the big bang happened?

What was there BEFORE the big bang.

I’ve tried searching but I just cant be arsed looking any longer. I’m wary of getting geek AIDS visiting some of these sites.

I do but aint gonna tell ya - so there

Oh a hint

Read your bible :w00t:

I want the real answer. I’m drunk, not religious :slight_smile:

Yeah but being drunk is often followed by being very religious…

as you sit in the toilet, puking

“oh god” “oh god” “oh god”


Anyway it all happened a very very long time ago. It makes **** all difference to our lives in any meaningful way.


Ok Jon… I’ll burn my clothes & scrub myself with a wire brush in the shower 100 times. I’ll try & forget that I ever thought of it :hehe:

Actually - I know the answer - but it was just a test to see how stupid everyone else here was lol :D

You all failed miserably :hehe:

The answer is no one knows. String theory offers q couple of ideas such as the ekpyrotic universe theory. Please don’t as me to explain it though :smiley:

I’ve been thinking about it & I’m wondering if everything got sucked into a black hole - then exploded.

But then… what created everything that got sucked into the black hole in the first place… Hmmmm… theres too much info out there to know where to begin.

I’m gonna ask Saul. He was doing Physics in University. He’ll know :smiley:

Its all bull everyone knows that your all a figment of my imagination

I used to say that to people when I was 15 - lol

[quote]slender (20/01/2012)[hr]Its all bull everyone knows that your all a figment of my imagination[/quote]

That’s a true statement.   

Reality is subjective.  If you’ve tripped on acid before, you already know :w00t::hehe::smiley:

I reckon we’re part of an experiment that went wrong. The big bang was actually this guy (some call him god or some stupid name) and he was ******* about in a chemistry lesson when he mixed some **** together and it exploded :w00t:

lol - We’re probably in someones crusty sock under their bed :slight_smile:

Causality ruins everything…

Yeah… I hate Casualty too :slight_smile:

He’s like the ken Barlow of casualty

[quote]Mussi81 (30/01/2012)[hr]He’s like the ken Barlow of casualty[/quote]