The Chemical Brothers

How to Sound like - The Chemical Brothers!

Take your pick:

These cover afew tracks:

“Just get yourself high!” - best vocal sample ever :smiley:

You know they really throw me these guys, i love them live but can’t just sit and listen to them. i’ve got the albums but every time i sit down to listen to some music they always come second best to another cd if that makes sense.

This is another example of all hardware artists! Would be awesome, but hard to recreate properly. Jon, I have to agree about them live. Live they are killer, but their albums just seem really artsy and all over the place…


[quote]This is another example of all hardware artists! Would be awesome, but hard to recreate properly.[/quote]

Well considering roughly 90% of all hardware is emulated in software I couldn’t see how this would pose a problem. Also just because they have a tone of keyboards at gigs doesn’t mean there solely hardware (although knowing the ChemicalBrothers they probably are!) :slight_smile:

In fairness it probably would be a difficult one to recreate using just ableton and sylenth1 (Sonic Academys weapons of choice!)

Might as well rule out soulwax then :frowning:

I don’t really listen to them anymore but I saw them a couple times live and they were awesome! They tore the roof off the place!

They had a huge setup with tons of hardware…it would be hard to replicate their sound I think.

I did actually look at doin this but their stuff is so different from track to track i couldnt pick out their definitive “sound” which is werid because you know a chems track when you hear it.

their early stuff up to Block rockin beats is easier to pin down but after that is all totally random.

I think the Block Rockin Beats would be similar to the Ravey Breaks tutorial anyways.