The Disco Loops Series

Phil, any chance I can buy this seperatly? I’m going to be working in America for a couple of months so there is no point me paying for 3 months subscription, but as you know i’ve been banging on about the Olav stuff for months and so this tut series i’m really interested in.

Any chance i can just bung you over some dolla and get a download of it all?

Is it just the disco loop one on its own? Or you want to wait for the whole series?

Probs the whole thing actually bud

Phil, check this mate from 0.48,

This and the Olav stuff i’m trying to produce but failing :frowning:

Actually Phil scrap the ‘purchase’ request, i’ve just seen Bryans post in the user council, I didn’t realise. I’ll do that instead as it seems more worth it for 3 weeks use! I’ll get the year subscription when i get back.