The Funniest Thing I've Read All Week

What’s the secret to good mastering?

S: The loudness war has been won: we arrived at a point where you physically can’t get much louder in the mastering. Instead of making progress, it gets worse! It’s a sad time for pop music, most of it sounds interchangeable, on steroids and a bit ****ty. There‘s little dynamics, no more air, no more room, the music can’t breathe and subsequently the listeners can’t either. The feeling of a track gets lost and the groove gets washed down in a track that’s mastered overtly loud for „competitive“ reasons. Pick any billboard track, load it into Wavelab and take a look at the soundwave: it just looks like one thick pile of **** flattened by a tank. I have no respect for this kind of industry standard and I think it’s a disgrace to my ears and a piss-take for us music lovers. Luckily there’s a movement against the loudness war. We support that.

Sacha Robotti’s answer to the Mastering question in 15 Questions made me ROFL.  So true… :laugh:

I know a professional mastering engineer who had a client that requested “zero dynamics” for a CD he was doing :slight_smile: