The Garden

If Slender could make a less deprssing track it may sound like this

You know what to do my little rosebuds

[hr] The Garden [Unsigned] by Nomad Spectrum

Wicked track Mate… Nice hat :slight_smile:

Yeah I get all my hats bespoke from Saville Row

LOL - Good comeback!

It’s very weird. But i really like it. Progresses really nicely

Love it, the keys in the second half of the track are lovely.

On my third listen now. It’s got a lot of space to it and it pretty different to your usual material for sure.

The only reason I only like it and not love it is I think it’s about three minutes too long so that the panning guitar-y synth, you drop it around 7 minutes, makes my ears really tired after about 5 minutes.

Maybe take a little bit off the intro (maybe) but chop out a chunk in the middle 2-7 minute period. And take the guitar synth away a bit more or overdrive/saturate/filter it from time to time perhaps?