#$%^ the harlem shake

As much as I hate youtube fads and trends, the vocal snippet from the harlem shake is quite catchy. Tell me watcha think! br
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AWESOME !! :)br
Great job, sounds very professional.

Nice Remix mate, sounds great too! Only thing I would change is tighten the bass a little bit and bring the highs out more. Other than those small changes awesome track :)br

Really enjoyed that,br
People are crying out for a good higher bpm remix of that track,br
Send it to the rite places and it may go viral.

Great job bro! love the drop, really good work overall, on replay right now :slight_smile:

Sounds too similar to some of the Electro coming out a year ago. Production wise your always improving though.br
I really am hating on this Harlem Shake stuff though so I just cant like it :frowning:

Thanks for all your listens guys, really appreciate it! :Dbr
Yeah, a lot of the electro that comes out right now sound similiar. But it works very well in the club. People go nuts to that big huge electro sound and I want my music to end up in the club so thats where Im headed long term…