The inspirational motivation thread! Share whatever drives you!

There’s something that always touches our inner self that really sparks our drive and pushes us to pursue our goals no matter how hard. Share whatever drives you here.

I love this picture. When I build my studio I plan on printing a full high gloss poster of it and hang it above my desk. Whenever Im feeling discouraged I can simply look up :slight_smile:

How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) HD - YouTube

This is my favorite motivational video. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, you can find inspiration here. I think about my music and fitness goals when I watch this.

Heres a quote from an interview with Wolfgang gartner that I really like

“First and foremost, it’s that making dance music is the only thing I ever wanted to do, since I was a kid. I had absolutely no interest in anything else that could materialise into a job. Girls, food, making music – that’s pretty much what I was interested in. If there were something else that had interested me, I probably would have pursued it long ago and quit this music thing during one of the hard periods where I wasn’t successful. But there’s just nothing else out there for me besides this.

Another thing is that I’m extremely antisocial and reclusive, so I pretty much don’t go out, don’t socialise and don’t do anything except sit at home all day and make music. That means I get a lot done. And I seem to have a personality trait that makes me very persistent when I want something. Once I’ve decided what it is that I want, I am willing to do pretty much anything to get it. It’s not easy for me to make good music; it doesn’t just flow out of me like water. It’s something that takes a lot of effort and hard work with every track that I make, but I want it so bad that I’m willing to sit in there all weekend and try and write a bassline for 15 hours until something finally comes out. And it really does take that length of time. Overall then, I guess it’s determination as much as anything

Have you any advice for aspiring young producers out there?

Keep at it. I know everybody says it, but that’s because it’s true. I had been sending demo tapes to record labels for seven years before I got my first record deal.”

Looking forward to hearing everyone else’s stories and ideas!


This isnt spam believe it or not lol

[quote]Mussi81 (14/06/2012)[hr]This isnt spam believe it or not lol[/quote]

Man thats even worse then :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]gpham86 (12/06/2012)[hr]always touches our inner self…[/quote]

Slender is banned from Centrale Shopping Centre in Croydon for doing exactly this.

[quote]TheAnt (15/06/2012)[hr][quote]gpham86 (12/06/2012)[hr]always touches our inner self…[/quote]

Slender is banned from Centrale Shopping Centre in Croydon for doing exactly this.[/quote]

Well Croydon Shopping Centre is so lush - you cant blame me