The Kick 2 plugin won't load in FL Studio 12 64-bit

Hi! I recently purchased three of your products: 1) The video tutorials “how to make progressive psytrance with James Dymond”, 2) The Kick 2 Plugin, and 3) The Kick 2 - Nicky Romero Edition.

I am using FL Studio 12. I am having several issues now concerning installing and finding the plugin in FL Studio.

I followed the instructions in the Image Line site and in the Sonic Academy site on how to install the plugin. The problems I am having are:

-I can only open the Kick 2 plugin in the 32-bit version (it also asked for the lisence key, everything ok), but not in the 64-bit version. After running the plugin manager (scan and verify plugins), Kick 2 will show up in the plugin list, however when I click to open it, it won’t load (and it also never asked me for the licence key). I am using the same folders for plugins in both versions of FL Studio.

-Ok, so I say I am going to work using the 32-bit version. Next, I am trying to open the file “02. Kick.flp” that is found in the folder “FL Project Files and Samples” (it came with the video tutorials I downloaded). And the result is that, when I open it, even in 32-bit version, FL Studio can’t find the “Kick Nicky Romero Edition”, neither the “VBC FG-Red Plugin” (I don’t know what that is exactly).

-And finally, James Dymond uses the kick sample “Psy Click” in the tutorials. It is a kick that he created and I expected to find it in the folder “FL Project Files and Samples”, but it’s not there.

I am quite new in the use of FL Studio, and probably doing something wrong here. I 've been struggling for the past 5 days. Please help.

PS. Also a little information on what plugins (other than Kick 2) are needed for the tutorials, would be useful. I just saw I need to have the A.N.A plugin. Maybe this has something to do with the issues I mentioned?

Thank you so much.

Hi Stella

Sounds like the 64 bit version maybe isn’t located in the correct vst folder location - you would need to check that the Kick 2 x64.dll is placed in wherever your 64 bit plugins are located.

KICK - Nicky Romero Edition is actually our Kick 1 plugin which is no longer available on the site - if you watch the video tutorial (number 2) you will see how the kick is crafted in KICK - you can just copy the motions in KICK 2 and achieve the same results.

the Psy Click can be downloaded from the resources section on the course page

If you are new to FL Studio - i would highly recommend you watch

Hi again! Thank you so much for your help!

Since I don’t need Nicky Romero edition plugin, can I maybe get a refund? Because from what I understand it can’t function with KICK 2.

Hi Stella

As mentioned - just follow the instructions in Video Tutorial 2 - you can create the exact same Kick drum using KICK 2 as they use the same algorithm