The Moon Tonight

Heard this on the news earlier.

Check out the Moon… Probably applies to the UK & Ireland right now…

On the lower left hand side, just below the Moon… you can see Jupiter.

And… theres shooting stars. Just saw one there. Should be loads of them coming up to Midnight. Have a look anyway… you’ll see Jupiter. Its really bright.


haha and there was me thinking it was a star when i looked at it earlier!

Yeah… its fkn bright Mate, isnt it?!

Kinda cool. The shooting stars are mad. The one I saw wasnt as bright as a star, it was like a super fast tracer.

You can see them… but you need to stare up for a few mins… Cnut on the neck.

It’s too cloudy now, can’t see anything. Bugger :frowning:

[quote]Roben (13/12/2010)[hr]It’s too cloudy now, can’t see anything. Bugger :([/quote]

Same here

Cutbacks :smiley: