The Opening DJ

hahahahaha :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

The poor old opening DJ gets such a hard time sometimes. Of course there is nothing worse than totally ballsing out before the peak time etc, but big DJs criticise them as if they should bow down before them, and how dare they play good records before they come on sort of thing.

Bringing the crowd up is an art of course, but as an up and coming DJ naturally you want to show everyone what you’ve got too, not just be a fluffer for the headliner.

Another term that winds me up is ‘Warm up’ DJ (normally used by barely mid range DJs). In my day they were called residents.

I’ve even seen residents from one club play somewhere else referring to the residents there as warm up DJs!

That said, some really dont help themselves… playing all the tracks from the top biller before they come on etc.

Classic Rob, used to feel like that when I first started Djing

Think i’ve been culprit to this one many a time :laugh: :

DJ Etiquette: DO NOT bring your "booth bitch."It’s crowded enough without your drunken hoes acting like they are more important than the headlining DJ. Tell her to take her “swap meet Louis” outside!