The operator

Hello All!

Im about 2 weeks into the Sonic Academy program, and I am loving it! I just had a quick question. After going through Bryan Spence’s Ableton intro Tutorial, I don’t think i can remember any mentioning of the true function of the “Operator” in Ableton Live. I ask this question because I am currently watching the Videos on MIDI effects, and though I understand that It is making the keys play, what are all the values and the sine wave represent?

Operator is whats called an FM synthesizer.

FM stands for frequency modulation.

you start with a sine wave then modulate the pitch with a second (or more) sine wave at a different frequency.

It was a type of synthesis that was made popular in the 80s by the Yamaha DX7

Its notoriously hard to program “real” sounds which it was first intended but you can create aggressive lead sounds and cool digital basses quite easily.

as to what all the buttons do… thats a 1 hour course on it own.

This one!