The Reaktor Tutorial

Ok Ok I know its complicated but I so enjoyed the reaktor tutorials and was just getting into them when damn, thats it? Its like you stopped mid flow just as I was getting into them.

Please don’t make me wait for the next set for too long I really wanna learn more and now i’m bashing my head onto the desk trying to find out about Macros! :angry:

i’ve not had chance to watch the video’s yet will there be any good info or knowledge to learn from them i dont have reaktor and ythe chances of me ever being able to afford it in the next five yrs is zilch so thought it could be pretty pointless me watching them lol…:wink:

glad you like em!

next batch next week

+1 here for enjoying those Reaktor tutorials.

Keep em coming SA.


Can the Reaktor videos be purchased to download? Because they don’t have a “buy” option like the Cubase tutorials etc… it seems you can only stream them if your a subscriber. I want to be able to buy these tuts so i have them to keep on my hard drive!