The Rock thread

I love Dance music of course, but I grew up with a great many influences, a great example of which being Rage against the machine. I picked up bass guitar because of them.

This track makes me pumped every time I hear it, and makes me wonder how we ended up with the killers? What happened to all the hard stuff?

Post your faves here…

Good choice of track - I saw them live last year. Phenomenal.

This always gets me pumped

And also this:

Saw them live last year - pretty good

And this:

And this is a bit pop but I love it

when i was younger i didnt really have much time for rock, but nirvana i did

<EMBED height=385 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=480 src=Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video) - YouTube allowfullscreen=“true” allowscriptaccess=“always”>

the drummer has alright for himself!

No Doubt!!!the Smashing Pumpkin’s Rocked my world hard. my favorite Rock Band ever



and this (one of the best gigs I’ve been to - ears didn’t pop back in till the day after)

and this (used in the end credits in a great Jet Li movie)

and even though it’s hard to pick one from this genius band

again hard to pick one but…

still going…

even though they’ve gone steadily downhill since the first album (and that amazing concert at Brixton)

an example of a remix being as good as the original and one helluva vid too

a bit emo but still

where to start with ozzy?


I love this track so much and pretty much everythig they do

chris cornell is a genius

a great track from band that don’t normally sound like this

I think I’m a bit emo tonight stuck in NY away from the wife

time to harden up a bit

speaking of Chris Cornell, this song builds so well

wow!!! come on guys it’s against the law to have a rock thread with out a single mention of Iron Maiden

- YouTube

sorry no embed code

every one knows this

Possibly the best (main stream rock) intro ever and easily one of the best riffs