"The Root of All Evil", a electro-industrial creation

"The horror, the horror!!!, Lovecraft said when he met two of the idiots in my team.

So, for the third time, I helped a Game Jam team creating a game in a weekend, and AGAIN I got nothing because the TWO artists (yes, both them) decided that the team was not worth getting out of bed on Sunday.

So here it is my monster creation of adaptive music that responds to the in-game’s tension level and player actions via FMOD events, flattened into a conventional electro-industrial track in the style of someone who listened to Front Line Assembly and Mick Gordon way too often.

Just help me nail the details regarding EQ and mixing so I can send it to Spotify, for lack of a better use, and leave this wasted weekend behind me.



Hey there @nachenko

Sorry for the delayed reply :blush:

Nice piece of work here :+1:
The track would work well for an action scene IMO.

Maybe re-balancing the mix and focus more on the main bass guitar lead which to me is giving the overall action rhythm for the track, it’s a bit buried by the FX and other sounds, but that might be just me. Anyway, if you start to balance the mix with only drums and bass guitar and then bring in the FX and other sounds, you should be able to get the bass guitar sitting more in the front. I’m afraid just raising up the bass guitar will lead to the all mix sounding to loud and unpleasant distortion.

But the arrangement, choice of sounds and overall mixing makes a good combination here, great work.

Cheers :sunglasses:

Wise as usual, I followed your advice, but not the way you think: I just bypassed Guitar Rig from the effects chain and a lot of clutter dissappeared. Then I tweaked the sound source a bit. The bass line went from Front Line Assembly to Front 242, so to say.

I’ll let it sleep for a day, but I think this is getting close to a wrap.

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cool i like it

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