The state of the music scene today

So that lad from TOWIE has released a ‘song’… you thought anything by Paris Hilton was bad…

I bet

a) He didn’t write or produce it (even though it still sounds like utter tosh)

b) He sings like a girl.

c) Is it me or does the track sound massively cliché and predictable?

Wow, what a load o crap! This has just ruined my night:-( was looking forward to getting the kids to bed and firing up ableton but this has just killed my inspiration! This is what does ma nut in about the music industry, some tit from a crappy tv show pays someone to make a song for him puts in a few cheesy references to the show in it and he has a record deal. Meanwhile there’s some extremely talented artists who spend hours upon hours mastering their craft and get no recognition at all.

Isn’t this just what the american crowd likes in EDM :w00t:

Luckily that crap doesn’t cross the canal :smiley:

Hitting wooden planks are usually not advised.

dont forget the top notch video as well guys!! lol;)

No carbs before Marbs

my ears are bleeding.

Thankfully I don’t watch crap telly so only have a rough understanding of who this bloke is.

[quote]daniaan (20/12/2012)[hr]
Luckily that crap doesn’t cross the canal :D[/quote]

where’s one direction from?:stuck_out_tongue:

Is that Dutch? :crazy::doze::blink::blush:

[quote]daniaan (20/12/2012)[hr]Isn’t this just what the american crowd likes in EDM [/quote]

only a cheese ball american would think this is EDM. :wink:

crappy generic UK pop songs arent anything new are they? You say the state of the music industry today but as far as i can tell this ****e has been coming out for years.

Lol that is awful. Pure attempt at generating money, what a load of tosh

pop has always been cringy… well, since the mid ninties anyway… dont get me wrong there was some amazing artists back then that are really talented such as oasis but there was mainstream crap like backstreet boys… just like today. Ed Sheeran and Coldplay are amazing… but flo rida is the one getting 100 million youtube views… i think everyone is so annoyed because dance music is becoming pop and we are all becoming affected because nobody knows what EDM is anymorebr

I think these points are all valid - but i guess the point is, that there has always been great dance music around, there is alot of great dance music around right now, and there always will be!/PPSo we should just ignore this **** and concentrate on the good stuff./PPIf people are making loads of money making this kind of crap, then good on them, but good music is more important to me than money, so i don’t let it bother me anymore./PPI think that’s the best attitude to have.