The sylenth lead riff video ( Trance tutorial part 7 ) won't work

Hi everyone , am I the only one who can’t watch this video ? , it just opens the video window and then nothing happens , I just have the quicktime logo…

I don’t think it’s a problem with Quicktime because the other videos work

can someone help me ?

I second this, same problem for me

I 3rd this just getting a question mark

yeah this happens to me sometimes too i click to load the video the video screen loads up and nothing plays and at the bottom of the video screen it says done.

checking this now

should be wrking now ive fixed the typo… :blush:

Lol you’ll find me very annoying , it still doesn’t work for me , same problem again

really sorry !

help me

5 Months later still no video! :-((((((((((

i just double checked this and the video is working fine here.

what browser are you using?

mac or pc?

hi brian,

thanx it worked after your post, without changes on my side! :-))