The utility trick

I have read various things about the utility trick where it seems to say that there’s a way of taking the mid range out of a tune by doing some panning combinations with the utility plug in.

Does anyone know the best way of doing it as there seems to be lots of conflicting theory’s?

what is it you are trying to achieve?

I read that it is a way of taking anything that hasn’t been panned out of a tune. Usually the bass and kick won’t be panned so you can take them out in order to leave a cleaner mid range for taking samples.

I remember seeing Sander Van Doorn (think that’s his name) do something similar with an old motown tune in a YouTube, he panned it in a certain way within Logic and all of the drums and bass were gone just leaving the horns and strings.

Is it possible to do this with any tune?

I’ve just found this so I’ll give it a try at the weekend. Has anyone tried this before? … (1.9MB)

in this .zip you will find UtilityRemix.als and the UtilityRemix Sounds folder.

This .als demonstrates how you can use the Width knob of 1 Utility Plugin to remove any material that was not originally panned in your source material. By turning the Width knob all the way to 200%, Mono material (material that does not sit more on the right side or the left side, but exactly evenly down the middle) is removed from the mix.

This is great for remixing vinyl based dance music as generally everything under 500hz is mono in this music. Because if you pan these Bass sounds, the needle will skip off the record. Thus, this trick is great for removing Bass from a track without using an EQ that would remove frequencies from other sounds as well. You can really isolate sounds from other sounds. Its all about CONTROL.

The simplicity of this makes it easy to do in the studio, or on stage for Live remixing.

So, turn the Width all the way up on the 1st Utility Plugin, and then engage the 2nd Utility Plugin to boost the output, and make the result mono so its not crazily spread out in the stereo field.

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