They Say That I Stole This

Twenty years ago a series of lawsuits criminalized the hip-hop sampling of artists like Hank Shocklee and Public Enemy. And yet, two decades later, artists like Girl Talk have found success breaking those same sampling laws. OTM producer Jamie York talks to Girl Talk, Shocklee and Duke Law professor James Boyle about two decades of sampling - on both sides of the law.

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Sampling is such a integral part of what “we” do.

Everyone fkn does it. Up to you how obvious the end result is.

I sample & I dont even realise I’m doing it half the time - just grabbing sh!t from here & there.

It feels natural to do it for some reason. Maybe thats just cos I’m a crim :smiley:

ICN is a THEIF :smiley:


LOL and whats knew :stuck_out_tongue:

eye no :slight_smile:

good Artists Copy. great Artists Steal. - Picasso

dance music is all about sampling- i think you just need to own up to the fact that youve used someones work.

if you sample something then edit it unrecognizable then who cares :wink: