Thinking of Getting Reason

I used to have 2.5 but never really got too involved with it. Been using ableton of late but my mate uses Reason with Ableton and swears by it.

He was showing me combinator/kong/thor etc and i have to say it knocks out some great sounds and loops and seems very easy to use.

It aint cheap though, especially when you’ve just bought a 27" iMac…would you guys recommend?

If you have Ableton 8 i wouldnt bother…

Ableton pisses all over Reason…

Yep - I started with Reason and still have a lot of affection for it, but its very, very limited compared to Ableton. If you’ve got the money to spare and you’re looking to expand your sound palette, invest in some good plug-ins. :slight_smile:

Yeah. Reason has some good instruments, but nothing that another VST couldnt handle. Plus, I personally think ReWiring is annoying.

It wasn’t really to use it as a DAW, more so for the loop generators, although i guess if i’m just using it for that it’s not really worth the cash!?

Not really the only time its worth it is if you rewire it into Ableton and use the best of both worlds…

Yeah i would be re-wiring it into Ableton as it works pretty well

Lol im seriously thinking of getting Reason 5 for on my laptop…

I’ve been dying to say it for a while now, but I’ve had a few drinks, so I can finally say it:

F U C K R E A S O N !!

Bag O’ Sh!te :slight_smile:

Stromae/Daniel Kandi/Dj Lucky Date > ICN and his high end Mac+Logic…

I’m not saying I’m the Man or anything - I never would - but its just such a complicated a$$ way of cracking a nut.

Life is short.

Sure - limitations stimulate creativity - I’ve used reason for years… I think I am pretty qualified in terms of its pros/cons. If it had plugin support - it would be ace… but it doesnt. Thats its achilles heel. That & rewire. I hate to say it - but I agree with Howie! :crazy:

awaits stroke

Love NN19 / Matrix… and as I’ve said many times before, I would gladly pay €100 for Matrix as a VST/AU - but its just a 'tarded way of doing things.


No offense to anyone that posted, but do not listen to these guys!! Reason is AMAZING. Especially if you have a hardware background (i.e. were a former musician or were a real gear-head DJ from the 90s). IMO, Reason kicks Ableton’s *** when it comes to sound CREATION, but not the entire process of building a song, editing music and other dj or production related activities. Thats just my opinion, though. I use Reason thru Rewire on just about every single project/mix/track I’ve worked on since I bought version 5 in the summertime. Reason does some things exceptionally well while Ableton does others. I also find I get very bored of Live’s interface at times, and using Reason for a few days really refreshes my love of Live, and vice versa. IMO, they’re a killer, unstoppable combo. If you’re feeling it, then buy it and I promise you won’t be disappointed.