This is a test - Techno(i assume)

idea was to go into the direction of the kind of the techno style we listened to in the mid/late 90s. means a fat kick drum and some minimalistic melodies to keep you emotionally involved while stomping around on the dancefloor. and a preacher. got a bit too modern sounding, a bit too cheesy and way faster than the songs back then used to be. but the priniciple is there.

so, does the mix make sense? i spent the last two days on moving sliders and turning knobs and every time something else feels too loud or too quiet.

then, i took the vocals from a youtube video. it had a lot of plops and hisses in it. googled around and found no easy solution. added then a highpass filter and drew an automation curve for the cutoff to remove the low frequencies on all the p and t, etc. worked ok for many, but not all cases. is there a better method or an inexpensive plugin that does that automatically?

Ableton’s Compressor has a de-esser setting. The params are: EQ on, Filter type is the hexagon with the sticks sticking out at the sides, Freq = 6.00 KHz, Gain = 0, Ratio = 3.00:1, Attack = 0.02 ms, Release = 100ms, Auto = off, Thresh = -15.2 dB, Knee = 6.0 dB, Env = Log, Makeup = off, Compressor type = Peak.

You could manually reduce the volume of the vocals at the point of hissing.

Google ‘de-esser’.

I think your mix sounds great.

I think the EQ filter type is lo-pass + hi-pass. You could put an Eq in before the compressor.

Another possibility would be to use eq and reverb etc to accentuate the hissing, like the snake in the Jungle Book.

thanks a lot. made the song in fl studio but have a de-esser in the waves plugin pack i bought ages ago. let’s see what it’s good for. if it doesn’t work i’ll export the voice track to ableton live and try the compressor there.

I love it , from time to time I come back to listen it again :). Maybe little more work on balancing, gelling everything together but overall :ok_hand: .