This is England 86

Anyone watching it?

Shane Meadows is a bit hit & miss IMO anyway… But this is a real stinker.

The Film - This is England was pretty good. Really enjoyed it. This series on CH4 is a real mortgage payer… There looks to have been f’all script & they’re all improv’n and pretending to be mad. They might have had a sh!t film out of it, but to stretch it out like that is wnak.

That… and the Lazy Film-makers tool No.4 - Play a song for 2mins with shots of your characters walking around & looking and doing fck all to do with the plot (cos there is none…)


On the plus side though - If you have never seen the film Dead Mans Shoes - Get it out. You will not regret it.

Great film. The Scene where the Boys are making a Cuppa back in the Gaff is mental… especially with the “Give us a Hug Mate…” bit at the end.

Haven’t seen tonight’s episode but last weeks was entertaining for what it’s worth…

Can’t really remembered what happened in it though which obviously means it didn’t stand out much, apart from the guy having a heart attack in the shyter.

Dead man’s shoes mate, TOP TOP TOP film.

Have you seen Scum, that’s quality an all. “Where’s yer fooking tool?”

Haha! Yeah… He had the Heart Attack in the Jacks… Pure shock value, nothing else was going on. Cue someone cursing during the Marraige vows. A 15 year old could write that nonsense. Yawn.

Dead Mans Shoes?!! Fuccin Ace Film mate… I love when I meet someone who hasnt seen it cos I get so much pleasure from hearing how much they enjoyed it. Soo good. Lots of great parts… but the other bit I love is when yerman gets out of the car & the brother is standing in front of the garages… he holds out his hand & says something like “See that Mate… You’re right there… Now, get in your Car & Fcuk off!”… I dont usually remember lines from films, but its a classic.

Scum… You mean the one with Ray Winston from a long long long time ago?

Great film.

The Pool Ball in the Sock? LOL

Another one we used to watch a lot back in Secondary School was Romper Stomper. The Fight scene with the Chinese Gang was nuts.

Hahaha yes mate. I love high tension scenes like that, the whole film is a total build up, I think that’s why it’s so good. Like you know something is gonna blow but it teases you, giving you only subtle glimpses.

Yeah the pool ball in the sock, hahaha. My favourite scene in that film is where they go mental at the end, it just shows that they’re all ultimately united against the bigger darker force that is the authority, yet through the whole film it’s like dog eat dog.

Just by the title “Romper Stomper” it sounds epic. Definitely going to watch that asap man.

I really do like british indie films. There’s a certain grit that’s captured in them that hollywood fails to do.

Here’s one - London to Brighton

I’ll check that Man… Its good, yeah?

RS is about a Gang of Aussie Neo Naz1 Skinheads. Russell Crowe is the Leader. 1980s.

Havent seen it in years myself… Must try & get a copy - it was robbed away long ago.

Aye, it’s pretty good mate. Got a wee prossie in it. I’m sure you’ll like that. :smiley:

Sounds like an american history x, clockwork orange hybrid.

Definitely the sort of things I enjoy. Demented violence.

Here’s a movie to definitely avoid. The expendables. Utter balls man. There’s no plot, the only plot is basically to have action and blow stuff up. It’s like the eastenders writer got in on the script and some idiot just keeps shouting in his ear, “BLOW THAT BIT UP!”. Probably an american :wink:

I thought the film this is England was awful, doesn’t surprise me that the series is S**t to.

Deadman’s shoes was great tho!

lol, not seen romper stomper for years! Might watch that again sometime

Well heres another to avoid Lads…

Brothers - a fairly recent one w.Toby Maguire & Natalie Portman.

Maguire goes to Iraq or somewhere - gets captured & forced to kill his Buddy on Tape for Propaganda Tube.

When he comes back, he’s distant, uncommunicative, wooden, cold, and has **** all to say. This is obviously what attracted him to the role… cos he’s a sh!t actor. 

I dont usually ever watch his films, but the missus wanted to see it. Didnt know he was in it. We’ve since sworn a pact to boycott all future films starring Toby Maguire.

He nearly shoots himself in the head at the end, but doesnt. Dreadful.

[quote]onetwoseven (15/09/2010)[hr]I thought the film this is England was awful, doesn’t surprise me that the series is S**t to.

Agree… It was no dead mans shoes… but there were some alright bits in it.

Better than watching a Toby Maguire film :smiley:

Gave up on This is England after about 20 minutes last week - poor script still The Inbetweeners did not fail :slight_smile:

Dang, change them bloomin avatars. It makes this thread look like ICN is having a conversation with himseld :stuck_out_tongue:

Confusion - Result! :slight_smile:

The alliance, strong as an ox, subtle like a fox.

Watched that romper stomper, was ace. Cheers.

Any more recommendations ICN?

Come on us geez a belter.

You seen chopper?

Yeah man, the mad aussie guy who at the start the cameraman is interviewing him for the telly.

Good film.

Have another go.

Yeah… Chopper is deadly. Bana is great in it.

Anyone see Bronson? The one about yerman Charles Bronson - you have to know the nutter that I’m talking about?

Thought it was a bit of a let down.

Dragging this thread up again… but theres a point-ish:

Saw a Clip from Falling Down - With Michael Douglas during the week. Have to get watching it again. Really cool film.

Yeah fantastic film - only I feel like him everyday and all day - thank goodness for stringent gun laws

Want to see the new Wall Street too

[quote]onetwoseven (16/09/2010)[hr]You seen chopper?[/quote]

got the dvd, the guy is a f+"kin loon lol

[quote]Mussi81 (02/10/2010)[hr][quote]onetwoseven (16/09/2010)[hr]You seen chopper?[/quote]

got the dvd, the guy is a f+"kin loon lol[/quote]

haha yeah that interview is funny as :slight_smile: