This is my first song 😁

Hey @McByte

Just went through the track so here is some feedback :wink:

I always try to do some critical listening here, focusing on mixing & listening experience rather than going through liking the track/genre etc…

So if it’s a first song it’s already a good work. There’s clarity in the mix & all parts translate well.

Now my biggest issue is the overall level of the mix, this track is really too loud, you’re clipping above 0dBFS almost all way during the listening, you can easily reduce the main level by 3/4 dB.

Next to that, I found the track sounding very “mono”, which is good for clarity and giving the “in your face” feel but it could be interesting to expand the stereo image of the mix and to also use more reverb on your FX sounds ( noise, risers…etc ).

Would be good IMO to try to give more “space” & stereo image to the mix & to pay attention to levels. In general, mixing at very loud level can result in getting fooled by you ears ( especially for the low end ) and depending on your studio setup & monitoring you can end up with a lack of low frequencies in the end. Next to that pretty good work for a first track :wink:

Cheers !

I listen to PsyTrance from time to time too.
Nice low end. I would use more reverb on some voice fx etc.
It’s a mix of Hardcore/PsyTrance ?

sounds more like a mix between happy hardcore and gabber to me. and for that it’s pretty good. the “stupid” voice samples could be stupider. but overall it’s a very nice stupid song that makes you smile and