This is todays noodle

i think is is a bit better arranged than yesterdays noodle, i wanted to do something that was kinda monotonous with the same melody piece mostly throughout but just changes/drops with the drums, anyway if you dig leave me some feedbacks :smiley:

dude your synthesis is awesome. Definitely my style of psychotic and darkness feeling that i like. Would you be interested in a collab ?

hey i wouldnt be so much interested in a colab but if you like any of my stuff, i could send you the project of anything you like and you could make what you like of it lol… by the way i still tweak alot of presets mostly from sylenth… lots of fun to be had in that section of sylenth in the bottom right corner :smiley:

so do I. I must admit I am addicted to sylenth but i am constantly agitated because of the small number of envelopes.Anyways , I’ve achieved with sylenth sonic perfection of a sound : the bell. Didn’t use it in this work but I swear it has minor hypnotic potential (tested out on a large number of people out of curiosity ). Might be crap what I say but it really surprised me the reaction of people, they went in a deep trance because of a repeating bell pattern throughout one track.

Anyways the project of gasoline hallucination would be nice as i’m going to give it a go and arrange it my way at a slightly slower tempo. After the work is finished , it will be posted as a remix. :smiley:

Hi ekko your tracks is very cool, I feel is a mix between Experimental and Chill at the same time. I really enjoyed listening to it and how you mixed the instruments.

keep it up! :slight_smile: