Thread about hard hittin' drums (ableton project DL included)

Hey you guise, just thought I would share this snare Ableton project with you all. It is a project of a way I’ve succeeded in making my drums hit MUCH harder lately and I think a lot of people could appreciate it. I was gonna type out the explanation but I think a more hands-on approach is more effective, so I just made this project as an example. Also, if you have anything that could help this discussion please share!

ableton live project, requires most recent version of live(ie won’t work on a cracked version!)

It uses instrument racks of Simplers with processing both on each individual Simpler of the chain PLUS processing on the overall instrument rack itself(I don’t have Suite so can’t use Sampler, but if you do have Sampler you can obviously apply this technique to that if you want). This is focused on snares, but can apply to anything drums.

Within each rack are each of the individual drum hit samples in their own unique Simpler PLUS a duplicated Simpler of the same exact sample being super compressed so you can mix it back in with the original hit (for parallel compression on the fly). They all combine to make the snares, of which there is a “wet snare” which has a long air-y tail and there is also a “dry snare” which doesn’t have the tail and is more effective for drum roll sort of purposes. There is also parallel compression on Send A which you can mix into any existing channel for even more punch. But don’t over-do it! haha

This is just the basis of a technique I have been using recently, and can be achieved using “Drum Rack” if you so choose as well… Hope this helps someone out there and definitely do let me know if you have any questions please!

This is great - thanks for sharing! The way you have added the EQ with the huge filter cutout before the compression on the send effect is really interesting. What does the EQ do to the signal at this point in the signal path?

Am I right in thinking that its an exciter? It’s so that it gives a boost to the low and high’s without interfering with the main part of the sound.

These do sound great! Its interesting how you’ve mixed in the tom with the snare and clap and also the vocoder on the snare…funky stuff