Thread Reply / Private Messages - Notifications by Email

Hi Guys,

Dont think I have ever received an Email notification from SA about a reply to a subscribed thread on the forums.

Again, dont think I have ever receved a notification for a Private Message.

Is this a functionality of the forum that doesnt work? or is there a problem with my particular A/c?

If anyone else is having this problem, please chip in.

I’d love to know when a thread I’ve replied to has received a new reply, cos it honestly takes ages going back to all the topics… and sometimes I forget & miss something.

Other forums I’m on have this, and there is options when you are Posting to be notified/subscribe etc… but they dont work from my experience on either versions of the W/site.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I never received notification either but i actually find it annoying from other forums as Ifeel I have to actually reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep I am lazy :cool:

Its a serious timewaster IMO.

I’m constantly having to look at 7 or 8 threads each day.

Has to be a better way :crazy:

i’ve never got a pm or email either… but then i’ve never used it so that may have something to do with mine not working.

it doesnt work for me either. i did mention ages ago and sa said they would look at it

Nope doesn’t work for me either, and if i go to my account the only thing i can change is my password, can’t add a picture to my profile or anything…?

Not something i’ve ever been interested in, in fact I find it highly irritating.

Always opt out of the ‘option’ with every other website, like facebook for example. When i visit the site, i can see what’s going on, I don’t need an inbox email to tell me as well haha.

i will see if i can get this working for you.

will report back

roger wilco

Tango Unicorn… Ehhh edit: I mean Tango Uniform. DUH.

 You’re busy today Bryan!