Three Weeks and counting

I have kept an eye on what everyone is paying for and really ,are you happy with what your getting for your subscription ? i haven’t renewed for over a year and felt like i was making a mistake … can anyone tell me (veterans of this site )what extra stuff have you actually learned … i think i have learned more from other sites … but i think the reason this site is what it is is because of information swapping from user to user … why pay for information when we blatantly can learn a **** load from each other … im setting up a free tech learning site as we speak , and i gaurantee you will not need to spend a penny !!!open source and why the fcuk not !! sick of people capitalising on peoples urge for learning . no, no ,no

individual open source (FREE) learning any questions welcome !!!:wink:

No need for another site when this messageboard right here is free anyways and is a great resource as you already full well know egg2, stop being so negative dude.

I think its good to see someone doing something Positive.

Its not like you ever give any advice to anyone Rob… Remember that joke? :stuck_out_tongue:

So dont worry your bum about it :w00t: :hehe: :w00t: :D :cool:


[quote]TheAnt (15/10/2011)[hr]Cough[/quote]

I could have sworn you wrote something else before :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways = this conversation has been covered many times before - SA can not possibly keep teaching us old hands much new - its up to the individual to start learning their own craft - sure eggs idea is a good one - and so are the forums here