Timecop1983 | New Tutorial

Hello everyone.

The Timecop1983 tutorial for Dimensions was informative and showed that quality music can be made with limited plugins and profound passion.

Would like to see a new Timecop1983 tutorial.


Hey @Latten,

Yeah, I would also love to see some Timecop1983 tutorials. Since the release of his tutorial, there were so many releases of plugins / emulations etc., that I can imagine, he’s now having a complete different pack of plugins, techniques etc. Also because of the current Synthwave hype, it would be really cool to see another tutorial from him. Especially, like I comment in the other thread of you, he did use FL Studio → here.

It seems, that Sonic Academy is in contact with him, so maybe in the future it would be possible? Maybe a moderator of sonic academy could give @Latten and myself a response on that? :wink:

Thank you in advance

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Can’t tell if it will be possible to get another Timecop 1983 tutorial but S.A team and their head of content manager do read your request on the forums for sure :wink:

Have you guys seen the other synthwave related courses & the recent Synthwave Takeover Event from June ?

Hi @Tekalight,

awesome! I did, really cool and there was also an interview with Timecop 1983, so that’s why I was saying previously that Sonic Academy seems to have contact to him.

So finger crossed :wink:

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