Timecop1983's Dimensions

All feedback appreciated, my first contribution, but no need to be gentle :slight_smile:

Not in a perfect listening environment for more in depth critical listening at the moment, but the track sounds well mixed and there’s a good choice of sounds working quite well as a all for this genre.

It would benefit of some variations in terms of arrangement IMO : like a longer break section, taking away some elements ( the synth arpeggio playing all way long makes the listener loosing interest ) and adding some new ones too.

All of that said, it’s always more difficult to point out things out when it’s a cover or a remix, would suggest to avoid this and rather post original work on the forums :wink:

Cheers :sunglasses:

Thank you. Appreciate your feedback on the mix and sounds. As you point out its a plain cover, using other VST’s than the original does. I agree on your point on posting original work, yet at the stage I am at doing covers with ref. tracks in my daw seems to be a good way to pick up on techniques, arrangement and recreating sounds/design (copying).

If you do get a chance to up you listening environment it would be very nice to hear from you with regards to the balance, mix and mastering.

Thanks again.

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Hey there :wink:

Finally had a closer listen to this track, sorry for late reply.

There’s a lot pushed through reverb ( which is proper for the genre ) but found it’s bringing some muddiness to the final mix. If you listen to the track in mono, you’ll get the idea. Curious what it brings if you tame a bit your reverb sends but more importantly high pass what you’re sending to the reverb IMO. Less low end hitting the reverb should bring back more clarity.

Another thing is the higher range and the white noise that you’re also using like a snare ( i.e : at 0:50 ), feels too long and loud and sounds harsh in the track to me. I would either tame that and shorten the length or use a different sound like a hi-hat maybe.

That’s it for me, hope this helps and wishing you a nice weekend :sunglasses:

And again, advice is to go with your own music, there’s always a “dejà-vu” and “sounds like” effect with covers or remixes.