Tip needed

i have a melody in the only breakdown in my tune.

as the break comes to an end it starts building out of the melody and an arpeggiated riff/kick off comes in.

but i bring the melody back in after 16bars over the arpeggiated rhythm that the beat kicked in with

its clashin a bit.

has any1 got any tips to stop this. like that ducking thing???

please. urgently needed lol

you can either do some sidechaining or you can put the arpeggiated section in a higher frequency range. If you are using Live, you can just throw a pitch plugin before the instrument and pitch it up 12 semitones.

cheers howie!

sometimes you just gota choose and ditch one… you should be looking for an arp that fits with your melody. you really dont want to having to fix clashing sounds.

“If in doubt chuck it out!”

in the genre im trying to make this is what producers seem to be doing though!!

the melody just creeps back in after 16 or 32bars.

just thought id give it a go!!

i actually did, if ya want a listen? in the tunes forum. dont think i cracked it tho!!!