Tips on getting this Falling synth sound

Hey guys,

I have looked at the various riser/falling synth tutorials for noise and tonal risers/falling synths on sonic academy and various other sources. But although I can get something close its not quite right. I was wondering if any one could give me any tips on creating something similar to the falling synth line just after 1:34 its the choppy rhythmic quality to it im not getting right. I have been trying to use envelopes to cut into it to create it.

Any help appreaciated cheers!!

detune a couple saw waves, add an envelope to the pitch to make the falling effect. then add a square shaped LFO to your oscillators and automate the rate to make it speed up towards the end.

The Bruce ****inson [Preview] by Maxy_

Cheers it was the square shaped lfo that i was missing.

yeah u could do the square lfo on the volume or use a gate effect and do the same thing

The Bruce ****inson [Preview] by Maxy_

damn i love skrillex. how he gets his synths so fat I will never know…

Dunno maybe he runs them through a 50ft Marshall stack?

I always thought his sounds came from tickling an Ogre’s grundle. :w00t:

I came from tickling an ogre’s grundle. Bad times.