Today trance day?

Hey just checking to see if anyone knows if part 2 of the peak time trance tutorial will be up today? Us trance fanatics cant wait any longer lol.

I hope not… :crazy:

Could be Glitch House :open_mouth:

Tis there now!  That’s my evening sorted - and I was going to have a night off the beer as well! :wink:

Glitch House next week… Its sounding amazingly good!

Glitch house can do one lol trance trance trance in your pants.

wow the trance folks are still moaning :P:hehe:

[quote]slender (29/01/2011)[hr]wow the trance folks are still moaning :P:hehe:


I heard trance lovers were worse than women? :w00t:

Not really moaning tho is it, more of a little joke…