Tommy t - the maddest thing ever!


just back from NAMM - amazing show and we have got some spectacular stuff lined up as a result (especially for our subscribers when we relaunch the site)

i can’t say anything yet but you will be amazed :wink:

anyway - i was at the serato/ableton party on saturday night in annaheim and was standing outside waiting to go back to the hotel with phil the chairman of our board of directors.

i heard this voice saying “are you kev?” and turned around to see a guy and girl standing there who i didn’t recognise. he introduced himself as tommy turntables from our forums and his girlfriend lisa!!!

it was completely mental to meet one of our US users randomly like that and i was buzzed up. so we did what every good irish person does in that situation does and had some beers and ended the night up on the jagermeisters!!!

big up yerself tommy and lisa!


haha nice one

lol awesome. Can’t wait to the relaunch BTW:)

Hehe… that’s nice ! :wink:

A few years ago, I used to be the admin of a board where people were sharing livesets from their favourite artists… we decided to meet on the “I Love Techno” gig in Belgium. They came from everywhere… france, germany, netherlands, uk, … around 20 guys ! Best gig of my whole life… :hehe:


& this is exactly why i suggested a Sonic Academy meet :smiley:

Jargerbombs ftw :D:D:D

yeah , it was a lot of fun. thanks for being such a good host kev. hopefully we can get a member meeting in the uk this year and we can meet other people on the site. the only thing i objected to that night was the neverending jagerbombs that kev kept buying me. i can drink whiskey all night and be fine, but when it comes to shots i cant hold them down anymore. luckily for me that night was different.

for those of you that have not met kev, i gotta say hes a great guy and actually looks younger than in his profile pictures:) , he even tryed to hook me up with a free copy of reason from the guys over at propellarhead.

[quote]tommyt (1/19/2010)[hr]he even tryed to hook me up with a free copy of reason from the guys over at propellarhead.[/quote]

TRAITOR!!! :wink:

traitor for using reason howie?