TomTom - Heaven and Earth

Hi Folks,

Something new after a while. Made the Track with Studio one…Great DAW by they way. …Trance @138.

Any suggestions, the please leave a comment. :hugs:


Nice track and good work overall, what I found during the listening is that the kick & rumble fits more for Techno or Psy-Trance/Goa than for a more “Trancey” mix with more spacey & melodic parts focusing on trippy synths with a lot of reverb. It creates a certain contrast when listening to the track, leveling down that main kick could maybe help the other parts to shine through a bit more.

The arrangement is creative too, good attempts to build tension & release, was quite surprised by the break and very different drop part at 3:45, made me lost for a short time :smile:

That said, I have to mention that this is not my everyday kind of music, so my ears don’t have good references to make accurate judgments here, really a first listening impression and comment, so don’t focus on that too much, technically speaking it’s good work IMO.

Cheers !