Too much high end 10K+

Hey guys. Alot of the tunes I listen are fully mastered but they seem to have too much of a harsh high end to my ears. Example Gui Boratto - Azzurra. I love the production but I really feel as if some of the percey elements should have been eqed to get rid of the harsh frequencies in the mix. When I try to rectify this with an eq by cutting some of the high end I then loose the nice top end on the instruments which don’t have any annoying ringing.

Listening on my studio monitors it’s not overly bad because of the flat frequency response but when I listen to it on other computer speakers or headphones I feel it’s really bad because of their exaggerated frequency response. Is this just my ears or room or can you guys hear that alot of the percy elements have too many harsh frequencies?

Btw I also find this with alot of other tunes not just this one.

cant really comment on something based on a youtube video(not that i think that was your point in the link) but i will say that usually gui’s mixes are some of the best out there for the type of music he produces.