Tool to do the following:

I’m looking for a tool that allows you to input a vocal sample, then triggers play from different starting points within the sample so when you press different keys, different parts of the sample are played.

Any ideas???

Hey roben you can do this in ableton by using sampler …

 make an instance of sampler load your sample in then hit the zone tab at the top of the waveform this brings up a seperate screen from here you can see KEY is highlighted …where you see the key/piano roll drag the markers to the key (eg c3 ) you want that particular sample to sound on then is all you have to do is repeat this process by draging other  or the same samples into the area under the key zone editor tab and hone in on the part of the sample you want … so for instance if  you wanted you could use loads of the same sample chopped up and key mapped to different keys on your keyboard hope this helps man !:slight_smile:

Hi mate, cheers for the quick reply.

I managed to get the key editor up but i didn’t see any markers to move? The only thing i can move is the marker in the ‘sampler’ instrument, but what happens is that any key i press just plays the beginning of the sample in a diff pitch. I tried dragging and moving keys or double clicking etc in the key editor but nothing was happening.

It’s not making any sense dude lol

Hi man check your email ive sent you  an attachment !:slight_smile:

You should youtube that badboy, valuable knowledge!


cool man glad to help … you got the third email explaining the root key change ?:slight_smile:

Can i have?


pm me ur email :slight_smile:

Yeah the root key change thing didn’t make any sense hahaha

All it does is matches/changes the pitch. eg your first sample could be root note c3 and then the second sample could be root note c5 ( like scooter !:D) so you would wanna change the second samples root note to match  the first so every key you press is in the same pitch.

 Hope this helps man !:)