Top 3 studio headphones

hey guys really looking at getting a decent set of headphones to use seeings I cant do much about the room im in until I move so I would love to know what the best headphones you guys would recommend for mixdowns and general producing.

i’ve just ordered some beyer dynamics dt880 pro.

cant wait! there meant to be absolutely awesome

Im using HD 600s do the job well. and very comfortable.

they are open back so can still be annoying for people in close proximity as there is quite a bit of spill.

thanks for the replys guys I will check out both of them

Use the AKG 240MKII Studio to my liking.

Quite neutral sound with a lot of detail. And great price too :smiley:

+1 on the AKG’s

Im rockin the MK276’s though :slight_smile:

Im still waiting on my KRK KNS8400’S. I just love the KRK sound and am used to it cos i have KRK monitors. I find headphones is great for my neighbours but more importantly it really lets you monitor your track to a sort of audio magnifying glass so to speak, there can be a lot of pops/clicks/clippings that you may miss on your monitors…

Was thinking about getting me those KRK’s as well, but when I compared them with the KRK monitors and the AKG’s I bought, I noticed some things that were bothering me in the way the sound.

Compared to the monitors, the KRK headphones are overdoing the bass and high end. At least that’s what I was hearing back then :smiley: