Top and bottom end cutoff frequencies?

Could anyone advise in general what the top and bottom end cutoff frequencies should be for a final mix? Or is this a decision that has to be made purely on the mix itself?

As I understand it, a cutoff at around 70Hz will cut out muddy bass frequencies, but I’m not too sure about the top end one. Advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey… there really is no rule of where to cut off, but here are a couple things to keep in mind. Having too much in the bottom end will take away from the energy of the kicks. Try not to have too much in the sub 100hz range. The bottom range of sound is cluttered so ALWAYS roll off the bottom end of all sounds so you don’t muddy up the bottom end. At the top, there is always room because of how much sound space there is between octaves.

I forgot to mention that the area you need to be very careful about is the 300hz range. so anywhere from 250-400hz. This is where the most common muddiness occurs.:slight_smile:

generally when watching mastering videos they almost always mention cutting off frequencies below 30hz and above 20000 hz.

Great stuff - thanks everyone.