Track 2 signed to Ritual Recordings

Check out my new track Distortion !

My last one was signed to Ritual & reached number 9 in Trackitdown Tech House & Minimal,

So happy to see people like my tunes, only been producing for 4-5 weeks :slight_smile:

Thanks to Sonic Academy for your guidance .

Cush :smiley:

Nice sounds mate, love your second track, the breakdown is sweet reminded me of Dirty Techno nights at The Cross. What you producing in?

lol. cheers mate :slight_smile:

I’m using Live8.

Wicked track and only after 4-5 weeks - theres hope for me yet :slight_smile:

good track, definitely a banger ! congratulations on getting signed :slight_smile:

cheers guys, its currently steadily rising . now at 33rd in the chart.