Track Dynamics / Volume

So I’ve got this stabby synth in my track and its pretty much the center piece for most of the track, I’m automating release / decay / filter / noise throughout the track, Especially before a breakdown or at the end of one. When I do this the sound gets really big and dominant, which is what I’m going for.

The problem is it absolutely smashes my limiter (since its so much louder when the automation has been applied). I’ve heard phil post before about how you should rely on track dynamics (ie, not automate volume levels), but in a case like this is that the only way around it? I think I’ve heard other tracks clearly lower the volume level in these situations but im not 100% sure.

Also is it acceptable to ride the gain nob on your limiter during a breakdown (lets say when you open all the filters up, not at the begining when dynamics should be preserved), if there is almost no gain reduction being applied?


Theres no problem in automating the volume of the track.

sometimes just fighting with it is what gets you results sometimes things will just fit… as long as its sounding good.

If it where me i would be a bit unhappy about having a sound that need so much work to get to fit… i like things to be pretty simple and clean… it might spark suspicions in me that I should be looking to split the sound in 2 have a verse bit and chorus bit or something… but thats just totally personal preference.