Track Feed Back - Stay - Anonymous Beatz

Anyone fance giving me some feed back on this Track, Not sure if i need to do anymore work to it,

Regards Tony

Took a quick listen both on Audiu and Soundcloud but haven’t complete full listening yet : think you had an issue here when bouncing or uploading the track, got a repeating stop effect / clipping on the beat actually, don’t think that was done on purpose :wink: so you might want to check this out and re-bounce/re-upload the track maybe.

Right from the short listening time, I would definitely suggest to level up the vocals and spread them more into stereo field and use more delay + reverb, sounds a bit dry and sitting behind the rest of the track as it is now in my opinion.

But check this track first, think there was an issue, unless it’s playback on my end but I don’t think so.

Cheers !

Ill check that out now, thank you for letting me know buddy! and yes your rite on this one its does need more work for sure, i will be spending more time on this track and getting it were it needs to be. ill send it over again once iv dont the adjustments hopefully it will turn out OK

Thanks for getting back to me pal and ill speak to you soon and have a great new year! :sunglasses::v:

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Thanks, wishing you a great Christmas and Happy New Year as well :sunglasses:

Cheers !