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This is the basic idea that has been put down. The song hasnt gone through the mixdown yet but your feedback will be very helpful to understand what is working well and what is not. I have added Ram Daas vocals to give this track an intricate feeling of rooted connection along with rumble bass, simple chord progression and vibing melody. Looking forward to hear your say. #melodictechno #techno #melodic #ahso

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I would advice to use .wav audio files instead of .mp3 for better audio quality.

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The main bass takes all energy in the lower frequency register, it’s masking and conflicting with the kick. Filter out the low end of your bass and lower down the output volume.

Next to being buried by the main bass low end, the kick sounds quite “boomy”, it’s missing transient and body that would help the kick to sit in the mix. Try other kicks with more attack and body.

Another thing that’s not working very well is some synths and keys not always in tune with the bass.

It’s a nice idea with cool melodic elements and the arrangement and track progression works well but you need to tame down that bass and try to use a different kick to get a clearer picture of all parts.

Hope this helps !

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Thanks very much for the feedback.
I will definitely remember to post the soundcloud link next time. As I was new, I took the cue from the post right before me where there was a google drive link. Thanks again

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