Track i made getting played on Radio :)

Ment to post this on the forum last wk ! :confused:
*The track was actually played last Fri 04th Nov (link down the bottom.)
Got to this stage and small achievement with the help of Sonic Academy :smiley:
So massive thanks to the guys there :slight_smile: Bryan, Phil, Chris etc :slight_smile:

*Got wicked news that one of my tracks (Take Me Higher) is gona be featured on Al Gibbs FM104 Dance show Freaks On Friday in the Future Stars slot :slight_smile: (300,000 listeners each fri)

As a long time fan and listener of Al and the show, this is one my goals I’m about to tick off the list :slight_smile:

  • JamieK -

  • Never Give Up -

link to the show -
Its PART2 and bout 46mins in…

This is link to the track -

congrats. very nice relaxing, quietly pushing forward song. could be longer and get a bit dreamier in the later part. suddenly the vocals fade out and it’s over while i’d expected some high string melody to come in or some other kind of sound climax and another five minutes of head nodding.

unrelated to that, i see in the video that yout have some (hope i’m not seeing it wrong) fl studio screenshots and ableton live screenshots. am building my stuff with fl studio since forever and bought ableton live last year but after the first enthusiasm i didn’t had the motivation to make the switch. assuming that you used both, do you see a bigger advantage in using ableton live vs fl studio or vice versa?

hey there :slight_smile: thank you for the feed back :slight_smile:
yea the that track i wrote with the time length in mind, for radio play really.
But if it gets signed with a view to a label releasing it id re-mix / extend at least another version (one DJin etc).

Yea i had the very first FL and hadent a clue how to work it! this was pre internet too so no help online. unless knew someone else who had it, i just figured out bits and pieces as i went but never got to grips with it.
then i stopped making music (life got in the way! ha) and only got back into it bout 4yrs ago.
before i started back i asked producer friends what software DAW program would be best to use.
they all said Ableton, and even couple them weren’t even using it themselves. But as they said Abletons such an all rounder…you can do so much with it and prob best theres alot of online help/tutorials out there…more then any other program…which made the decision easier for me.

but i do know FL has come on leeps and bounds since id it and i was only looking at a Sonic Academy tutorial last mth (might have been KC Lights making the track) and it was amazing.

so its hard to say…coz your so used to FL change is gona be hard and piss u off at start but if you do just think in few mths time ull be happy u did im sure + ull know FL too so :slight_smile:
theres so many Sonic A tutorials to help you too.

id make the change to Ableton tbh dude :slight_smile:
hope i kinda helped!! :confused:

funny. very similar to my story. got into fl studio when it was still called fruity loops and internet meant aol, 56k modem and a monthly telephone bill of way too much in a pre-euro currency that doesn’t exist anymore. stopped when this thing called real life started and came back to it some years ago. will give ableton another try. it has some features i’m missing in fl studio and the overall concept fits much better what i’m trying to do. just annoying that it’s so feature-rich that you first have to read a bunch of tutorials.